Gems of War - Brothers in Arms

What's your name in Gems of War?

Show Teams: Attack / Defense / Raid Boss

About us:

Brothers in Arms has been created by 2 real live brothers: Brother Xeen and Brother Whirlee.
We try to create a top guild, with players who are very active and try all aspects of the game.
Players must follow all the guidelines.
Check your rank to see how you are doing.
More sections/features will be added in the future.

The guidelines:

When you're a member of our guild there are a few guidelines you must follow:
  • Play the guild activity each day (Raid Boss / Guild Wars / Invasion)
  • More guidelines in the guild war section
  • Donate gold only to the task with the highest level
  • Get at least 1000 guild seals weekly
  • Notify us in the chat when you can't play
  • Check this site regularly
  • Guild wars

  • Play the guild war each day
  • Upgrade your sentinals to at least level 3
  • Each day has a different war color
  • Use a different attack team with only troops that use the daily color
  • Also create 6 different defense teams with in total 24 different troops
  • Ranks:

  • Dragon King/Prince: Brother Xeen and Brother Whirlee
  • Drake Lord: you're doing everything great
  • Wyvern Knight: you're doing ok, but not perfect
  • Wyrmling: you're not following all the guidelines, you risk being removed from the guild